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A Public Service Announcement

Updated: May 25, 2023

Introducing Sara Book 1

The Foreverness of Friends of a Feather

By Jerry and Esther Hicks

“Life is what we feel; not what we see”

Betsy Otter Thompson

When it comes to alignment with Source Energy, or getting to know God aright, if you will; there are only three ways to go about it. The first is to be born into it. This means that we were born into a family that is fully aware of their feelings and live exclusively from that space. The second, which is a quote from Conversations with Gods, and speaks to my path as well as that of the masses; is that we were born into Heaven, we then go through hell (which can and does usually take three to four decades), in order to return to Heaven, and here is the problem with that.

After finishing the book, Living From Within, and attempting to share it; except for one person in my circle of family and friends, and I mean that literally, I was blindsided by the response I received. Not only were people not interested in this message, which was the more typical response, but others were also downright offended by it. Recognizing the fact that clearly, I had missed something, I took a step back for reflection, and this is what I discovered.

Even though the book offers an inclusive theoretical framework for experiencing the joy and freedom that we came here to embrace, and the information contained therein does work, I always felt that something was missing. Further, even though I made some rather costly attempts to market the book (because that is what authors do, right?), these attempts always fell far short of my expectations. That being said, I can come up with several valid reasons as to why those efforts were unsuccessful at best, but if I am honest with myself there is one that trumps all others. The real and undeniable truth is that my heart was not in it. Although it would seem that Social Media would be the obvious choice to promote books, somehow I knew that it was not the right platform for this one, and this is what I have come to understand. What I have always known in my heart is that the real value in this book; which I am augmenting with this discussion, is in the message that it contains. Secondly, this is not a message that can be taken to the masses. Instead, those who are ready for this message will find their way to it. That feels right, and I am prepared to proceed as follows.

Following several decades of a rather arduous journey in search of truth, I became clear, at least in theory, how our thoughts and feelings, coupled with the Law of Attraction format our lives. However, it has only been within the past few months that I have come to realize the limited if any, correlation between theory and the practical application of this process. With that knowledge, I find myself in the practice mode almost exclusively, with great insights and getting better. Further, even though this process is almost as simple as being born into this sublime state, more importantly, this is the third and only other way of getting to know God aright. That said, I would like to share my newfound insights with you. I will keep it as simple (because it is), and brief as possible.

First, it is important to know through observation that we get what we think about, and for all practical purposes, that is the extent of this practice. Just as we would not continue to eat food that makes us sick, as we recognize the correlation between our thoughts, feelings, and what we manifest, logic dictates that we become a lot more selective with our thoughts. That said I now introduce you to the public service announcement that will pull it all together. Even though we could see through observation of our thoughts that we get what we think about, we have an added advantage when we know why it works that we. As an example, despite the popularity of the movie The Secret, because it was never fully explained why the process worked the way it did, many of its followers got lost in the shuffle, and this is where the above book saves the day, and the public will indeed be served by reading this book.

With a recommended age ranging from five to one-hundred and five, Sara learns the secret of the Law of Attraction from her wise Owl friend Solomon who says that “A talking Owl is worth a thousand words”. In a loving and oftentimes playful manner, this book explains that we are vibrational (Spiritual beings); which is actually the secret behind the Secret, and that there is an all-inclusive stream of well-being flowing through our experience at all times, and as we come into vibrational alignment with that stream, all that is manifests into our experience. Regardless of age, his book will reveal the unlimited nature of who we are. Further, because of its childlike simplicity, it is a perfect read for family time, and you will be amazed at the real-time growth of both you and your family. Further, once you incorporate the above process with this book, you will truly understand why we can be, do, or have anything our heart desires.

As I close this discussion I am reminded of the words from Sounds True, the platform for Michael Singers Podcasts, that says Waking Up the World, and when we fully realize the inherent suffering in attempting to fix the outer world when the problem is within, we will understand the intrinsic value in those words.

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