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Absolute Truth

I Am what I Think I Am

As you read the information that follows, your first reaction will probably be disbelief and that it should probably fall under the ‘this is too good to be true’ category, but here is the full story. It is true and to facilitate our understanding of what I am about to share, we will begin with the idea of Absolute Truth.

The difference between relative truth and Absolute is that the former is true for one person but not the other, whereas Absolute Truth is always true, for everybody, everywhere, all of the time, and the realization that “I am what I think I am” fits into that category. Further, because of the unparalleled logic inherent in the process, it is the only information available that puts our life experiences into a context that makes sense, and there is more. As I have come to realize, even though it should not be surprising, the Truth is simple. There is no wordiness about it nor does it involve extensive detail, and most of all it is doable. As Spiritual guru, Wayne Dyer instructs us, change your thinking, change your life and it does not get any more complicated than that. Additionally, he, as well as the teachings from the Spiritual community overall is that we cannot change the world around us until we change the way that we see it, and this can only be done by changing our thoughts and by extension our feelings. Further, even though this was the most difficult part for me to wrap my mind around, and possibly yours as well, here is why that is so.

Despite appearances, there is no physical universe external to us and that includes our bodies. What appears to us as form (solid) is in fact the expression of one Universal, invisible, Energy. This Energy is also all-inclusive which means that it comes replete with every thought, feeling, and emotion known to man, and the best part is that we have full access to all that it contains which ultimately, depending upon our point of focus, appears to us as form in our external world. So the question now becomes, how does that happen? How do we change energy or vibration, which by definition is energy in motion, into form? The answer, and I want you to stay with me on this one, is that we do so with our thoughts. Everything that we see, touch, taste, and feel is an expression of this fluid, formless, Energy. Therefore, by focusing our thoughts, with their accompanying feelings, for a sustained period of time, the energy coalesces, or ‘clumps’ together, until it takes on the form of our current thoughts and feelings, and as a quick frame of reference, ask yourself this question. Do I live in a world that feels safe, amicable, and filled with love? Alternatively, do I live in a world filled with fear, anger, and hostility? Once you decide, take a moment to notice the direct correlation between what you are thinking and feeling in this now moment, and what you are manifesting, and consider this. First, if you do not like the world you see, a different one is as close as your next thought. Second, once you see, through your observation, how simple it is to make that shift and the advantage of doing so, the question will become, why would I not do this? Further, as a demonstration of the utter simplicity of the process, I offer the following example, courtesy of comedian Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. (not JR as he explains) is a fantastic comedian who does his routine in churches. On one such occasion a young girl, about 10 years old asked him what was his favorite joke. After thinking about it for a moment, he told the story about his son who came to him and said “dad, when I grow up I want to be a doctor.” Being the proud father, he explained in words that his son could understand how proud he was of him and was pleased that he had chosen such a noble profession. Pleased with his father’s support, the son then turned to him and said “or I want to be a Dinosaur!” Admittedly, my vibration was hovering around five at the time, simply because anything less than that feels uncomfortable. However, in that Holy Instant, this story took me to a ten plus, and if you will notice, it probably did the same for you, and the length of time that you remain in that space is entirely up to you, and of course, it gets better. As you savor the humor, the LOA, which has a great sense of humor, will not only join you, but you will also find more things in your experience to laugh about, with no end in sight. This is your Genie in the bottle and I encourage you to use it wisely. As Betsy Otter Thompson so generously shares with us, “Aware or not, the feelings you give are the ones you receive”.

As I bring this discussion to a close, but definitely to be continued, in some ways, as it relates to my book, Living From Within, we have come full circle. In the early chapters, we refer to the teachings of Neville Goddard who explains that our feelings, of which few of us are aware, are THE secret to happiness. Moreover, while that becomes completely obvious when we think about it, here is how we dropped the ball on this one. Conventional wisdom has led us to believe that happiness is a ‘thing’ that we have to find somewhere out there. Instead, undeniably happiness is a feeling and therefore found in infinite supply within each of us, just waiting for our awareness of them. Therefore, the final takeaway from this discussion is that to experience inner peace, as a way of life, that sublime must be felt from within, and in that regard, there are no other options. That said, the next discussion explains in more detail what that truly means and exactly how to go about it. Until then…


Key Words;

How thoughts become things, Relative truth, Feelings, Happiness, Michael Jr., Wayne Dyer, Betsy Otter Thompson

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