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Attending to the Emotional Needs of our Children

Updated: May 26, 2023

In the book Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh, God explains, “That we are born into Heaven, then go through hell to find our way back to Heaven’’, and the following discussion will help explain why that is so.

With the full understanding of their perfection, children are born into the state of being that we know as heaven, where they live blissfully in that state until, as parents and caregivers, we teach them otherwise, and here are what I believe to be the major influences in that regard. As evidenced by the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, as well as other big businesses that promise that our happiness can only be found outside ourselves, as a society we are convinced that the way we look and what we have takes priority over the way we feel, and it does not end there. Even though that is an error of a monumental proportion, we pass that same message on to our children. It is this distorted view that heralds the end of the quality of life that our children came here to experience, but here is what we need to know: It does not have to be that way, which brings us back to the focal point of these discussions.

Children innately know that their happiness comes from within. Therefore, they live in the present moment, and as evidenced by their laughter, and other expressions of exquisite joy, their lives flourish from within, which explains why they always live in the present moment. Nonetheless, easily influenced by their caregivers and environment, as well as the dictates from society overall, they become convinced that their perception of life is wrong, and if they want acceptance, particularly from their parents, that they so deeply crave, they know that they have to change. Although emotionally painful, they readjust their behavior (to the best of their ability) so that it would be in alignment with the dictates of their parents and caregivers. Moreover, not only do children deserve better, the life they originally came to know is still available to them. That said, this discussion intends to provide some parenting tips, in various formats that will help our children regain their original state of being and to move forward, happily ever after, from there. In that regard, consider the following.

In Chapter 22 of my book Living from Within, entitled “For the Love of a Girl”, I discuss some key ways that we, albeit unconsciously fail to nurture our children in meaningful ways, and the damage it does to their self-esteem. The chapter also offers some positive ways to correct those errors in judgment. Although insightful, if you would prefer not to purchase the hard copy, the book is also available on audio at a minimal cost. Next, there are blogs on this site entitled on this site “The emotional health of our children, and the precursor to God”, and “My Little Missy: A love story (yours and mine)”, that share many of these same insights, and it get better. At the end of that blog is an amazing video from Rose Rock (Chris Rock’s mom), that truly nails it when it comes to parenting, and I encourage you to do your child a favor and listen carefully, and there is more. The following quote offers some brief, yet very touching words from the incredibly insightful book, Love Parent, which I highly recommend, by Betsy Otter Thompson. The words will warm your heart and it goes like this: “As we look into the eyes of a newborn, we see everything that we ever wanted to know; the beauty of God staring back at us. God as God knows itself to be; all-knowing energy, eager to grow, eager to share, and eager to love. The infant knows what everyone else is trying to remember. Listen to its heart instead of forcing the infant to listen to ours”. I think we can all agree that these are words to live by.

Our final words of wisdom come from seven-year-old Molly Wright who explains how the game of peekaboo can change the world. To hear what she has to say click the link below.

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