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“When your mind is weighing options, listen to your feelings.”

Betsy Otter Thompson

In the book Conversations with God, as well as we will soon begin to recognize in our own experience (if we have not done so already); feeling is the language of the Soul. Further, in addition to the clarity of Spirit that will be revealed simply through the practice of the process, there is mounting evidence in scientific communities that support, as well as explains on the level of Quantum Physics, how our thoughts and feelings work together to format our lives, and I strongly encourage you to explore that option. However, for this discussion I will use the following excerpt from Chapter 3 of my book Living From Within: A Tribute to Love and Happiness, to provide a (very basic) overview of how it all works.

“As Albert Einstein discovered, and other scientists have confirmed, everything that we see, touch, taste, smell or feel are all expressions of a Universal, all-inclusive Energy. Even though this oftentimes cumbersome, high-maintenance mass that we refer to as our bodies, as well as all other objects that we observe in our world, have the appearance of solidity, if we were to look at either under a microscope we would see a unified field of continuously moving energy. What our eyes perceive as matter, be it a blade of grass, rocks, houses, cars, animals people, or any other objects in the Universe, is a coalescing of this one Energy until it takes on the appearance of form. Additionally, as some of us will remember even from our high school physics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change form.

So how does that happen? How do we change energy or vibration, which by definition is energy in motion into form? We do so with our thoughts. Because everything that we can touch, taste or feel, including our body, is the outcome of formless Energy it can be, and is, manipulated by our thoughts. Therefore, by focusing our attention in any one direction for a sustained period, the object of that attention will manifest as form. In other words, thoughts become things.”

Now the hardest part for me, which might be true for you as well, is that at our essence, we are all formless, however as another frame of reference, let us consider a batch of cookie dough, which Abraham (LOA) frequently uses as an example. We can have one batch of cookie dough, and from that dough, we can make sugar cookies, chocolate chip, Christmas, or whichever one we desire, but it all comes from the same dough, and the same is true for us. Despite the difference in our individual form, at our core, we are all expressions of the One Energy, and while it does not matter what we call it, many have come to know it as God. However, it is important to note that whether we call it God or Snoopy, we can only communicate or recognize this Energy through our feelings, and when we begin to listen to our feeling as our exclusive source of guidance, here are some delightful experiences that we might expect.

First, it just feels good to feel, primarily because, unlike our incessant, thinking that is always in perpetual movement from one chaotic thing to the next, our feelings are always stable and in vibrational alignment with the gentle rhythm of life, and of course there is more. When we are aware of our feelings, we will necessarily find ourselves living in the Present Moment. There is no way to feel in the past or the future. While our thoughts take up residence in both, we are thinking those thoughts NOW. Additionally, we have the added advantage of becoming aware of our breathing, and even though this rhythmic, in-and-out, relaxing flow of the breath is essential to our emotional health because it is such a constant feature in our lives; it is more often than not ignored. However, as living from within, with all it has to offer, becomes a way of life, this will be an easy fix.

As a final note, for now, on the experience of feeling, it bears repeating that the only way to feel anything, including the grandest feeling of all, which is Love, is to feel it, and I will leave you with a quote from the amazing author and Spiritual teacher Betsy Otter Thompson. “Love solves every problem because the only problem there can ever be is a lack of love.”


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