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Guaranteed Happiness and The Law of Attraction

Despite the unfathomable vastness of the Universe, there are only two emotions available to us; love and fear, and to varying degrees our actions are sponsored by one or the other. When we follow the actions that fear sponsors, we get pandemics, racial unrest, violence at home and abroad, and some of the most heinous crimes known to man with no solution or end in sight. On the other hand, when we follow the actions that love sponsors, not only do we experience lives filled with joy, ease, and lightness, nothing unlike that state of peace and tranquility can penetrate the protective energy field that surrounds us. Now I could spend the rest of this blog explaining how it all works, but for several reasons that would be an effort in futility. First, words do not teach. Second, you probably will not believe me anyway. Finally, as we begin practicing the process, we will find that it is self-explanatory. Moreover, since this is a direct path to happiness as well as a shortcut, it will be to our advantage to get straight to the point.

The only way to live our lives free of fear, worry, and even mild concern, is to make feeling good our number one priority, and other than the practice, which is essential to the success of this endeavor, that is all there is to the story, and consider this. Since everyone has infinite access to feelings, obviously we have the option to feel anything that we choose and that includes feeling good. Also, when we make feeling good our number one priority, courtesy of The Law of Attraction we will begin to experience; what we have come to know as miracles, dominate ever aspect our experience, but we must first begin with our thoughts.

When we deliberately think thoughts that cause us to feel good when we think them, The Law of Attraction, which is the governing principle of the Universe, will simultaneously attract people, circumstances, and events that match those good feelings with no end in sight. With that being the case, our work is to make the commitment that nothing is important but that I feel good. Commit as if your life depends on it; because it does. Once the commitment has been made and felt within our inner body (the solar plexus), all of our so-called problems, large or small, will simply vanish from our awareness. Consequently, these mental images, (which masquerade as problems and were never real in the first place), are replaced with an undercurrent of contentment. Further, we will recognize this newfound freedom as being a product of your own creation can (and will) be replicated at will. As you will see from my next blog, the best is still yet to come, but for now, I will leave you with these words.

World peace begins with inner peace and the commitment to

making feeling good our number one priority guarantees the latter, but here is what we must remember. We will probably find it to be much easier to experience the feeling of bad or mediocre. That is because, by default we have amassed significant momentum along the lines of misery, but here is the way out. As we begin to practice this process the momentum in favor of feeling good increases, while the momentum that has sustained feeling bad will simultaneously decrease. Therefore, this shift of focus will ultimately leave us with the dominant vibration of feeling good. By its’ very nature this process is a win, win situation and the only thing that we have to lose by aligning with feeling good is the ongoing suffering that continues to dominate most of our life experiences. Moreover, if we find that we do not enjoy feeling good, we can always go back and pick up our misery where we left off.

Finally, since feeling good, as a way of life is foreign to the masses, we might need some help getting started. With that being the case, I encourage you to listen to the teachings of Abraham on You Tube, particularly the ones on how to feel good now. These short videos will be just the boost that you need to kick-start your happiness experience, and remember the bigger picture. Since world peace begins with inner peace, we can begin to change the world one good feeling at a time.

The next installment will focus on knowing God, (not the one out there, but that loving Presence that lives inside each of us) and how it all merges with the Law of Attraction to allow all desires to manifest. It only gets better so stay tuned.

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