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I Am What I Think I Am


To begin, it is important to understand that while the information you are about to experience does reflect my journey, it is important for the reader to know up front that the discussion itself is the product of Spiritual and therefore Universal Principles, and is the reason for this brief introduction. In that regard, because of its relevance to our overall journey, I will later discuss the idea of relative truth, which is an illusion, and Absolute Truth, which you will soon discover is all that is real; the purpose of which is two-fold. The first is to demonstrate the uselessness of the former, and the second is to demonstrate the all-encompassing nature of the latter. With that relevant backstory in place, I will end this introduction by saying, despite the simplicity of the process that I am about to share, as a practice this will be new to the masses. In that regard, I ask you to read this with an open mind, and I guarantee that, as it all comes together, you will be thrilled that you did, so let’s start here.

Although it has taken me a while to come to this realization, I now know that we have absolute control over every aspect of our lives. Moreover, all required is a shift in focus from our ‘perceived’, albeit illusionary, outer world (that can only be described as hellacious at best) to our inner world, which encompasses that City with streets paved with gold that we have heard so much about. Further, once you see how the process works (and you will), not only will it become clear that suffering in any form is a choice, but you will also realize that it has always been that way but we simply have not noticed, and now all of that is about to change. In that regard, prepare to be surprised and delighted by the recognition of the perfect life experience that is now, and has always been available to each of us, and this is how it all started for me.

Even though the book Living From Within, offers an inclusive theoretical framework for experiencing the joy and freedom that we came here to embrace, and the information contained therein does work, I always felt that something was missing. So much so that, even though I made some rather costly attempts to market the book (because that is what authors do, right?), these attempts always fell far short of my expectations. With that being said, I can come up with several valid reasons as to why those efforts were unsuccessful at best, but if I am honest with myself there is one that trumps all others. The real and undeniable truth is that my heart was not in it. Although it would seem that Social Media would be the obvious choice to promote the sale and distribution of books, somehow I knew that it was not the right platform for this one, and this is what I have come to understand. First, while the sales of the book will continue to be appreciated, what I have always known in my heart is that its’ real value; which I am augmenting with this discussion, is in the message that it contains. Secondly, those who are ready for this message will find their way to it, so let’s move on.

As evidenced by the wars against nations and the preponderance of violence that tears at the very fabric of our communities, clearly we have missed something. Nonetheless, instead of looking within for the answer, we attempt to resolve the problem by putting our attention on the problem. Thus, for starters, we embark upon wars and rumors of wars in search of peace. We attempt to curtail the increase in violence with more violence and punishment, but here is why this approach must fail. Because of The Law of Attraction, which always replicates our point of focus, the ‘problem’ has no choice but to grow and become more but consider this. As humans we have two emotions, one is love and the other is fear. When we entertain thoughts of fear (because of the LOA) we attract more things in our world to fear, but the opposite is true as well. When we focus on thoughts, images, and feelings in a way that reflects love, we can only attract into our experience more things to love. It is the Law of the Universe and cannot be any other way, and this is why.

The world we see ‘out there’, with all of its hatred and violence is the out-picturing of our thoughts, and the feelings they produce, and that is an idea that cannot be taken lightly. Further, not only do we get what we think about, there is no variation or exception to that theme, nor is there any waiting for the transformation to occur. That is because all creation, including our ‘so-called’ problems, begins with a thought. Once we release the thought that created the problem in the first place, it disappears along with the thought, and it does so in that self-same Holy Instant. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, it is the awareness of that understanding that guarantees our freedom from all suffering, and the process could not be simpler. Once we begin to accept (through observation and practice) that we get what we think about; keeping in mind that we can choose our thoughts, first we will be a lot more careful with the thoughts we choose to think. Secondly, when we consider that we have access to every thought known to man, and we get to choose, we now have the equivalent of our own ‘genie’ in the bottle, and that is not a play on words! Like magic, we literally think and feel it into being, but before we go further, let us take this time to introduce the concepts of relative and absolute truth mentioned earlier.

In terms of relative truth, we believe that the way we see life is the way life is, when in fact, the way we see life is simply the way that we see life as an individual and has nothing to do with reality. The problem however is that because these experiences seem so real and therefore universal, we are willing to fight to the death to prove the “I am right, and you are wrong”. It is this narrow, distorted perception of our fellow man that is at the heart of the violence, hatred, and disagreements that dominate today’s society. Somehow, we believe that we know with certainty (based upon our limited knowledge and insights) what motivates the behavior of others, and we need to stop and ask ourselves, how is that possible? We simply do not, nor can we have enough information to make such broad judgments about another person’s life, most of whom we do not even know, and here is the point that I wish to make. There are no redeeming qualities in relative thoughts, and that includes our opinions. Other than being a block to the awareness of the love and light that resides in each of us, and is in fact our true reality; these qualities are useless at best, and because of the fearful nature of both, they are potentially dangerous.

Finally, in the interest of continuity, I will leave the Absolute Truth discussion for the next installment. In the meantime, I encourage you to take advantage of the link below to a short, but powerful, video from the Master spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer and I guarantee this will be a revelation.

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