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Just Know God

(The one in here, not the one out there)

The original intent of this blog was to expand the subject of meeting the emotional needs of our children, which will follow. However, because of the relevance of these discussions, we need to understand that the ideas presented here are not born out of my opinions or based on fact. Instead, this information is the product of Universal Spiritual Principles. In that context whether we are talking about our own emotional health or that of our children, there is one thing that we must know that is simply not an option. If we want life experiences that are free of pain and suffering, we must know God. When we do this one thing, we will find that everything else is included in that knowing, and here is where we get lost in that idea. I am not talking about a god whose name must begin with a capital G to be authentic. Or the angry, ego maniacal, vindictive god referred to in the book Conversations with God, or the one described in the Bible who lives ‘out there somewhere watching our every move to determine where we will reside after our so-called death. Instead, we must know god as ourselves. We must know that “I and my Father are One”, and here is how we go about it.

We have all heard, and most of us believe that God is Love. Even though it sounds, and is, authentic, the application of this idea is oftentimes lost on the masses, and that is where our feelings, which reside within each of us, come in. When we define God as The feeling of love, not only do we find the idea more relatable, it fully explains why before we can know God, we must first get to know ourselves, and this is where the fun begins. In the Presence of the feeling of God, or the feeling of Love if you prefer, the outer world, with all of its messiness disappears. In that regard, two things are important. First, we must know that God is an Experience and that in itself negates the use of words. Secondly, this exquisitely Devine state of being can (and must) be felt, and fortunately for us that is no problem. We have within ourselves, the highest concentration of which is found in the solar plexus, every feeling known to man that of course, includes the feeling of love which we have also come to know as God, but for purpose of this discussion lets’ take a closer look at that idea. Yes, we must know God but not for the reasons that have been pushed by our religionists. What we must know is God as ourselves, and we do that by understanding the make-up of the internal dialogue created by our thoughts and feelings.

Beginning with our thoughts; the highest concentration of which is obviously in our heads, we need to set aside some time to simply observe how they work. As we begin to watch this incessant noise that keeps the war going in our heads, you will be able to witness firsthand author Eckhart Tolle’s observation that 98% of human thoughts are repetitive, useless, and when unsupervised are dangerous, and consider this. You will also be able to see first-hand that every problem that you have now, or have ever had begins and ends with our thoughts, and here is the beauty in that idea. Once we recognize and release the thought that initiated the creation of the so-called problem in the first place; which in itself is an illusion, will disappear along with the thought, and it gets better. Unless we re-create the ‘problem’ with our thoughts, it can never again become a part of our experience. Now, before we move on to the awareness of our feelings, there is one other observation that will prove to be significant. As you observe your thoughts, bring your attention to the solar plexus (the ‘pit’ of the stomach) and notice that there is a corresponding feeling. If the thought is negative the feeling in the inner body will be negative as well, of course, a positive thought will create a positive response, and here is why this is so relevant. Once we fully realize the direct correlation between our thoughts and feelings, we will become a lot more selective with the thoughts we think. With that said, we will move on to the process of getting to know our feelings.

Learning more about our feelings requires allowing our focus to shift to our inner body, with particular attention to the gentle silence that it holds, and here is the big pay-off. When we tap into the silence of our inner space, it will become apparent that through knowing ourselves, we come face to face with God, or more specifically we enter into the space of I AM. As we continue this discussion, I would like to say that I do not, on any level, claim to be a Biblical Scholar, but I am an avid follower of the works of the 20th Century Mystic, and author of Spiritual Interpretation of The Scriptures (among many others), Joel Goldsmith. In his infinite wisdom, Goldsmith offers a simple process that will allow us to confirm the living Presence of God within each of us, and here is how it works. In silence or out loud, slowly and gently speak the words I AM. As you say these words, notice the associated feeling and where it is located. The place where you feel the words I AM is where God resides. Furthermore, this gentle Presence is always available to us and just waiting for our awareness of it. Moreover, when we feel the connection with this exquisite state of Love and Oneness, the outer world with all of its chaos, pain, and suffering literally disappears. Moreover, courtesy of the Law of Attraction, these self-sabotaging, negative emotions are replaced with more experiences to love and appreciate, and it just keeps getting better. The more we know ourselves, the more we know God. The more we know God, the more we know ourselves.

Finally, I cannot explain how this all works, but I do know from personal experience that it does. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, I and my Father are One, and everything else is just commentary. I will now leave you in this place of silence but you can expect more in future blogs.


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