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Spiritual Awakening

“Heaven is a Feeling, Not a Place”

Betsy Otter Thompson

In the previous discussion, I revisited the teachings of Neville Goddard who reveals that feeling is THE secret to happiness. Further, even though this idea has received at least casual mention within the context of other Spiritual teachings, it was through Goddard that I first recognized the magnitude of that insight, but even that understanding pales in comparison to what I am about to share. That said, recently I was presented with an ‘aha’ moment that in many ways rivals all others. I now understand that not only is feeling THE secret to happiness, but it is also the gateway to all of our desires, and before we dismiss that idea, let us take a closer look at the ramification of that insight.

The only way that we can experience any event in our life, be it good, bad, right, wrong, or indifferent, is through our feelings. Further, within the context of manifestation, as you will soon come to realize, that is all there is to the story, and as an example, we can use the idea of happiness. If we are not aware of our feelings, even if happiness does show up in our experience; which it always does, if not through our feelings, how will we recognize it? Further, as a quick frame of reference that reveals an immediate confirmation of this truth, once we think thoughts that make us feel a certain way, we become that. When we feel sad, we are sad. When we feel happy, we are happy. When we feel sick, we are sick, and when we feel well, we are well, and let us not forget that whatever the feeling, because of the LOA, it becomes more and it bears repeating that this is an absolute truth, and consider this.

As stated in our previous discussion, and further confirmed by my most recent ‘aha’ moment, I now know that we have absolute control over every aspect of our lives, and that understanding is about to become your truth as well. Additionally, (although little known and seldom realized), the only requirement is that we shift our focus from our ‘perceived’, albeit illusory outer world, which can only be described as hellacious at best; to guidance from the gentle and infallible wisdom of our feelings, which is also synonymous with Spirit. Further, without that shift, suffering is inevitable. However, with it, not only is our peace inevitable; it is guaranteed, and the following explains why that is so.

While most of us are aware of the incessant thoughts that keep the wars going in our heads, more often than not we are oblivious to our feelings, and therein lay the problem.

Whether we recognize it or not, not only are our feelings the greater part of us, they in fact constitute our Higher Self. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in the absence of the awareness of this “greatness,” a void would exist. Additionally, despite our efforts to fill this emptiness with people, places, and things outside ourselves, without the awareness of our feelings, it might take years before we realize the futility of our actions, but here is the answer to this dilemma, which can be resolved in a Holy Instant, and it speaks to the subject of this discussion.

Despite the mystique that has overshadowed the awareness of Spiritual Awakening, as it turns out, moving into this Divine state of Consciousness is as simple as shifting our attention from the outer world of form to the inner world of spirit. However, let us keep in mind that once we make the shift, the success of this journey relies upon our willingness to live out from, and be guided exclusively by our feelings. We are now living according to absolute truths. That said, it is important to recognize relative truths, including our opinions; for the nothingness they are. Now moving forward, because of the utter simplicity of the process, and the infinite rewards that it holds, perhaps a brief explanation will be helpful. First, it is fair to say that this clear understanding of Spiritual Awakening comes as much of a surprise to me as it probably does for you, however, as we discussed earlier, not only is Truth simple, it makes perfect sense. All that is required is an understanding of how our thoughts and feelings, coupled with the Law of Attraction work together to format our lives. Therefore, once we can recognize the direct correlation between the thoughts we think and our feelings, it only makes sense that we are more selective with our thoughts, and consider this.

It is this information that opens the door to the exquisite life available to us through living from within. By definition, Spiritual Awakening would have to be the full awareness of the unlimited nature of our being as well as the recognition of our completeness. Further, when we think about it, what else could we possibly need? That which we have been trying to find is now and has always been, inside of us all the time. Now, at this point, there might be more questions than answers, but rest assured that, the discussions on Spiritual Awakening will continue until all serious seekers are living in alignment with our Inner Being, easily and effortlessly. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to initiate the practical application of this process, which begins with becoming aware of the feelings that are abundantly available within each of us, and remembering that you have nothing to lose but your suffering.

The next blog will focus on what you can expect from this practice, so be prepared to be surprised and delighted.

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