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What Do We Really Want? (And the only way to get it)

Updated: May 25, 2023

“What you see is often fleeting; what you feel lasts forever.”

Betsy Otter Thompson

When it comes to fully understanding this message, starting with the above question gives you a decided advantage. That is because it is also the title of one of Michael Singer’s podcasts on YouTube. The podcast supports this message, and we are definitely on the same page regarding this answer, so let us get started.

Typically, when asked what people truly want, we get answers such as more money, a new car, a new home, that ever so coveted husband; preferably a doctor, a new job, a relationship, a yacht, and the list goes on, but the truth of the matter is none of that is true. What we truly want is to feel good, to be at ease within ourselves. The problem, however, is we believe that these ‘things’ will bring us the inner peace we seek, and that is impossible. As Deepak Chopra so poignantly reminds us, happiness for a reason is just another form of misery. If our happiness is contingent upon something outside of ourselves, when that thing leaves; which ultimately it will, so does the happiness. However, because of this, and similar messages in these discussions, if you desire to embrace inner peace as a way of life, those days are over, and here is why. When God said that it was Her good pleasure to give us the Kingdom of Heaven, She was not kidding. Further, to maintain the integrity of that promise, She devised a plan that ensures our absolute control over all that appears in our world, be it wanted or unwanted. Further, even though we have shared this process in several previous discussions, just for fun let us do it again.

We get what we think about, and as we begin to understand and practice that idea, it will become obvious that it cannot possibly be any other way. As we consciously notice our thought, which is the key to our success, we will see that they provide the blueprint for the Universe to follow as the creative process moves forward. In other words, the moment-to-moment flow of our thoughts simultaneously creates our future. It really is that simple, but God, in Her infinite wisdom, took it a step further. Because our thoughts come and go so frequently it is almost impossible to follow their lead. On the other hand, our feelings, or more appropriately our Spirit remains constant and is our ultimate guide to our well-being, and it is time to take a closer look at the idea.

Our natural state is well-being or the feeling of love if that feels more familiar, and just as the GPS in our cars guides us to our desired destination, in that same manner our feelings guide us to our natural state of wellness and this is how it works. When we feel good (which by the way is the same as feeling God), that is our indication that we are headed toward wellness. When we do not feel good, it is or indication that we are headed in the opposite direction. Further, this can be determined by frequently asking ourselves, on a scale of one to ten, how am I feeling. If you are at a five and moving towards ten, keep doing what you are doing. However, if you are at a five or lower, just know that it is time to adjust your thinking, and oftentimes a simple smile will be enough to begin the shift. Now, because we will revisit this idea as we move forward, I will leave with you, courtesy of Louise Hay, affirmations that will help us to think in ways that support us. In the next discussion, we will look at ways society as a whole can make the shift from a world that is hostile, to one that is warm, friendly, and inviting, but for now let us begin by affirming the following:

· I am allowing my thoughts to be my best friend.

· I will choose thoughts that positively shape my world.

· I will choose comforting thoughts, loving thoughts, friendly thoughts, laughing thoughts, thoughts of wisdom, and ones that uplift.

· I choose my thoughts with care. Therefore, I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world.

I will also leave you with the link to a short, but as always powerful, video by Wayne Dyer entitled You are choosing between 2 pictures. Enjoy!

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