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WILL SMITH - The Inner Light

Another term for the human experience is “inner growth.”

Betsy Otter Thomson, Author

To put this discussion into context, the response from Denzel Washington says it all: “There but by the grace of God go I.” That said, there are two ways to look at this unfolding. The first is through the eyes of the ego, which by its’ nature is fear-based, and has already, and continues to be well covered by the media and the rest of the world. The second is to look at it through the eyes of Love, which speaks through the voice of Spirit and will be the focal point of this conversation.

The beginning premise of this discussion is that in the world of Spirit, the only problem that can ever be, whether you are Will Smith or the homeless drug addict on the street, is a sense of separation from Source, or God if you prefer. Moreover, this information will demonstrate to your satisfaction that we are all God, the primary reason being that, by definition, God is the feeling of love. Therefore, since God is something that we feel, if not within us, where else can this entity be found? Furthermore, even though we can have a sense of separation, because we are created in the image and likeness of God, a true separation would mean a separation from ourselves, which of course is impossible. However, as is reflected in our actions, that sense of separateness feels very real and here is the outcome of that negative emotion.

When we are in alignment with our Source, whether we are aware of it or not, we live an experience that we have come to recognize as heaven. However, to the degree that we are not living in that alignment, we live experiences that we have come to recognize as hellacious at best. It is also important to know that adversity does not land on our doorstep overnight. In the early stages of our misalignment, we have numerous warnings ahead of time, and they always start small; which explains why they typically go unnoticed. However, because we are God, which means that alignment is our natural state of being, and anything less than that feels uncomfortable, negative situations will continue to grow until they become large enough to get our attention. However, with the recognition that the only problem that ever can be is our sense of misalignment, (the cornerstone of which is a lack of ease within us), the obvious solution is to return to our authentic self that restores our internal order. When the shift in our awareness from the outer world of chaos to the inner world of peace occurs, all the messiness of our lives we created with our negative thoughts and feelings disappear, and the healing occurs in this Holy Instant. In that same moment we will also recognize that, as we find the growth they afford, our greatest struggles become our greatest blessings. Finally, it is not my intent to attempt to cover this subject in detail, at this time. While there will be more to come in future blogs, for now, I would like to leave you with the following.

We already have everything that we need to nurture and support our well-being, and when we realize that, our lives flourish. That is why when we go to God asking for what we already have, we ask amiss. God is in the silence and is therefore incapable of hearing our voices, but She does express herself and responds through the still, small voice within us, which further explains why it is so important that we listen to our feelings. Therefore, it is not what we say to God in prayer, it is what God says to us. “When we discover that prayer is not something that we “do”, but rather an innate capacity for receptivity, we come into the true life of prayer.” (Joel Goldsmith). Getting back to this discussion, here is what we need to know about Will, and because there is only one of us, about ourselves as well.

Nothing has gone wrong here. As is the case with so many of us, Will had temporarily allowed the darkness of his outer world to overshadow the brilliant light of his inner experience, and it is my sense that is about to change. Furthermore, as evidenced by his many outpourings of inspiration, and conversations designed to uplift, Will is no stranger to the Christ within.Moreover, it will be good to remind him that this gentle Presence did not go anywhere. It was his entanglements with the negativity of the outer world that made it appear that way, but it is right where he left it and waiting with open arms for his return.We must also keep in mind that the greater the seeming tragedy, the greater the good. Will Smith will be back, perhaps sooner than we think, with a light that is shining bigger and brighter than ever and without the extra baggage of the outer world, he will again be a very dynamic force to be reckoned with, and the time it takes to get there is up to him.

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