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EJ photo 2x2 (orginal).jpg

EJ Seals-Jackson

About EJ Seals-Jackson

Following several decades of a rather arduous journey in search of inner peace, the author is prepared to offer clear evidence that the world we see outside ourselves is the direct reflection of our inner world of thoughts and feelings, and is therefore a figment of our imagination. Not only is our outer world created and sustained by our thoughts, but it is also the negative thoughts at that, so here is how it works. If we change the thought that created the negative experience in the first place, that experience, with all of its messiness, will disappear along with the thought. Stated differently, when we change the way we look at a thing, the thing that we look at changes. It is this shift in our thoughts (and feelings), that frees us up to embrace the absolute freedom that we came here to experience.  When we live from within, as E.J. Seals-Jackson describes in this book, not only is our happiness guaranteed, it is inevitable.

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