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How many times have we heard the teaching that the kingdom of heaven is within us, and perhaps more importantly, what does it even mean?  While the words are pretty and the principle is well articulated in the Bible; upon which the religious community relies on so heavily for guidance, when it comes to the practical application of this idea, more often than not, it is completely ignored.  However, if we could grasp the message behind that idea and acted accordingly, there would be no more suffering, but here is the minor, easily corrected, glitch.  In order to experience this idea as a way of life, we must know that we can change our lives; for the better. Moreover,  because of the accessibility of our thoughts and feelings, we can do so at any given time and here is why.   The world we see, and believe to be external to ourselves is in fact a direct reflection of our internal world, which consists of our thoughts and feelings, and now all we need to know is how the process works, and will begin with our feelings.     


Most of us are aware of the incessant thoughts that keep the wars going in our heads, but the idea of feeling is typically lost on the masses, and here is why that is problematic.  Although little known (and seldom realized), feeling is THE secret to happiness, and when we take a closer look it all makes sense.  We have been programmed to believe that happiness is a ‘thing’ that must be found somewhere out there, and nothing can be further from the truth.  Not only is happiness not a ‘thing’ it is in fact, and obvious when we think about it; a feeling.   Therefore, even if happiness did show up in our lives, which it always does, were it not for our feelings how else would we be able to recognize it?  With that understanding, we now know that, if happiness is the goal, then the first and most essential step is to become consciously aware of our feelings.  Without that awareness happiness as a permanent dispensation will be impossible.  However, with that awareness, it becomes inevitable.  


Just as feelings are the secret to our happiness, thoughts are the secret to our suffering.  As you will soon come to realize, every problem; without exception, begins and ends with a thought.  Release the thought that created the problem in the first place, and the problem disappears; of its’ own accord, along with the thought.  However, because the majority of us  are not aware  that it is our feelings that go before us and make the crooked paths straight,  we have wrongly chosen to rely on our erratic, to say the least, thoughts for guidance, and a mistake of monumental proportions.  According to the author and Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle, not only are 98% of human thoughts repetitive and useless, they are also potentially harmful.  i.e. negative thoughts come with negative feelings which, because of the Law of Attraction, ultimately appears in our so-called outer world as negative experiences, but the good news is that the same is true for positive feelings as well,  Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world, and it cannot be any other way.   


Not being able to fully develop this idea at this time; for obvious reasons, if you find the idea of living from within and learning more about a life based on the principles of  goodness and well-being then I invite you to join me on my blog.  In the meantime, think about this. We can be, do or have anything that our hearts desire.  Now, whether or not we use this capability is another story, but that does not change the fact that it is there.  Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the understanding of how our thoughts and feelings, coupled with The Law of Attraction, work together to format our experience; is the answer to every prayer. While the seeming arrogance and magnitude of that boastful claim did not escape me, I also know that it is an absolute truth and the verification process is simple.