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Conventional wisdom tells us that the information that I am about to share with you is too good to be true, but I encourage you to not be deterred by the naysayers.  Being a practitioner of this freedom that has become a way of life for me, I now understand what the giant in the field of personal growth and development Deepak Chopra means by the saying “Not only is reality (the world of Spirit) stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think”. It is that idea that brings me to the most essential, albeit the least understood, point of this discussion.   


Although little known (and seldom realized) the only way that we can experience anything is through the awareness of our feelings. While most of us are cognizant of the incessant thoughts in our heads that keep us at war with ourselves the idea of feeling, which is THE secret to happiness, is typically lost on the masses. Moreover, according to Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, not only are 98% of human thoughts repetitive and useless, they are also dangerous. Nonetheless, because we have come to rely upon this conglomerate of nothingness for guidance, we have been programmed to believe that happiness is a ‘thing’ that must be found somewhere outside of ourselves when in fact this gift is found in abundant quantities inside each of us in the form of our feelings. When we look at happiness from that perspective, something magical begins to happen. We begin to realize that we are already happy and it cannot be otherwise.  However, because we lack awareness of our feelings (which is the only way that happiness or anything else can be recognized), this magnificent state of being is impossible to attain, but with that awareness, it becomes inevitable, which bring us to the explanation of how we get what we get.

Although the book explains in more detail how I arrived at this conclusion, simply stated we feel it into being; i.e. when I feel it, I am it!  When I feel safe, I am safe.  When I feel happy, I am happy.  When I feel wealthy, I am wealthy, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have access to every good feeling known to man and when we feel it, we are it, and if you are still not convinced, consider this. Despite what we have been told by our religionists, as with happiness God, or whatever name we give to that which is deemed to be greater than we are is not an entity that resides somewhere in the heavens. God as with everything else is a feeling! Mind you it is the greatest feeling known to man which is Love, but a feeling nonetheless, and I think that we can see where this is going.  Without the awareness of our feelings we can never know God, and by extension Love as a direct experience. However, when we come to know God as the feeling of Love, the outer world with all of its messiness disappears.

EJ Seals-Jackson
Living from Within: A Tribute to Love and Happiness
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