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About the Author

Despite the fact that each of us appears to be separate from each other as well as distinct individuals in our own right, as we begin to get clear about who we truly are (as revealed in the book referenced below), we come into the surprising, albeit it delightful, understanding that at our core, or essence if you will; there is only one of us! With that being the case then it would naturally follow that the same characteristics that I would use to speak about myself must include you as well. So instead of being “about the author” let’s make this a story about us.   

Born out of several decades of a rather arduous journey into the world of self-discovery, I am now able to describe myself (as well as you) from a level of authenticity that was previously not available to me. I now understand that, even though we are typically defined by the people, events and situations that dominate our life experiences; who we truly are is the One Life that gives rise to the objects that appear to be external to us, including our bodies. Another way of stating this idea is that we are in fact the One Life that exists prior to our names and form and is typically referred to as Spirit, God, Love, Higher Power or whatever term that we use to describe that which we deem to be greater than ourselves. That being the case, as individual expressions of all that is, the fulfillment of our desires is already within us; it can be easily accessed through our thoughts and feelings, and the book Living from Within explains in great detail exactly why that is so.

About the Book
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