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There is no God, and…

In today’s society, we grapple with every problem known to man, with seemingly no solution in sight. While the multiple challenges we face appear daunting at best, the truth of the matter is that there is one problem and one solution. The problem is that we are looking for something outside of ourselves that can only come from within. The solution is to turn within where the answer is already established, and for this discussion, we will get straight to the point.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within. To move into that space, just know God. Now, I have made this case in a previous blog but it bears repeating. Yes, we must know God but it is not for the reasons given to us by the religionist, and far from it. The reason that we must know God is because, to do so we must first get to know ourselves, and we cannot have one without the other, but here is the real beauty in this collaboration. Once we get to get know who we truly are, in that Holy Instant, we will find ourselves face-to-face with God, which further explains the importance of cultivating an intimate relationship with ourselves. Further, as previously stated, I am not a biblical scholar on any level, nor do I have any religious interest or affiliation. However, I have learned through the teachings of Joel Goldsmith mentioned earlier, that not only is the Kingdom of Heaven Within, but I also recognize, what is perhaps the least understood by the masses is that there is not God and… Instead, we are individual expressions of the One Energy that we have come to know as God. Further, since the process for accessing this Presence is in the previous blog, entitled Just Know God, I will take this time to tell you what you can expect.

The first step on this journey into the kingdom of heaven is to be clear on what we are looking for and why. The goal is to find God but not to ask for any favors, instead “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven”. Once you step into the kingdom; by recognizing that you and God are the same, you will find that all your desires, no matter how large or small, are included in The Kingdom, but here is the deal. I, along with the rest of the world, am not in a position to know how it works, but I can assure you that it does, and I can add this to the conversation.

Based on my personal experience, when the mind is still, the feeling of Peace automatically becomes my dominant vibration. Moreover, you will discover that it is that feeling of Peace; the highest concentration of which begins in the lower abdomen is ANSWERED PRAYER. Further, even though I frequently use the word God, I do so more for familiarity than relevance. The truth of the matter is that anything that feels good gets the same results. For example, in a previous blog, you were encouraged to make feeling good your number one priority. As with God (the feeling of love), nothing unlike that exquisite feeling will penetrate your awareness, and interestingly enough, that too will be expressed as answered prayer. In fact, anything that feels good, i.e. the feeling of appreciation, gratitude, eagerness, or just plain fun will reap the same results, and we have the added advantage of the Law of Attraction. When we feel good from within, we attract more good things to feel good about.

Finally, words do not teach, and since the process for attaining the God Experience is in the previous blog, I encourage you to follow those instructions and see what happens. You will find that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose but a lifetime of misery.

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